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Human Scales –
Our Story.

As the experienced fashion catchers we have come to be, it is satisfying to look back and see how the struggle began.

Fashion Catching

This quest and journey for something unique that we embarked upon many years ago, when a group of fashion frenzied people came together and began fishing around the beautiful coast of Sweden. These fishing voyages slowly became more and more popular and ultimately became known as “Fashion Catching” events. It started with denim fishing in small lakes and rivers and in due course evolved and ventured into the archipelagos and high seas. This is where we struck our first great catch – these days are referred to as “The Greatest.”


Human Scales was founded in 2007 by Mikko Kämäräinen and Peter Ferber. The mission was clear: “to add something new and original

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  • Head Office

    GSL AB
    Flöjelbergsgatan 17
    431 37 Mölndal
    +46 (0) 31-757 24 50

  • Showroom & Sales

    Bondegatan 46
    116 33 Stockholm
    +47 (0) 70-775 12 78


  • Distribution

    Bubba Oy (FINLAND)
    Hans Pedersen
    +35 840 59 64547

  • Ikonic Apparel AS (NORWAY)
    Øvre Slottsgate 9
    0157 OSLO
    Tom Haugvik
    +47 90671255

  • Sales Denmark GSL
    Frederikssundsvej 62.
    3 sal. Baggården
    2400 København NV
    Michael Nygreen Larsen +45 2328 1312


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Meet the Designer

“We put great effort into expanding our Spring Shoe Collection and will feature several new models for 2015.”

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Von Sven Service

We wanted to give our biker jacket Thomas an eyecatching retro-style logo. Who better to call than Sven?

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Petter Brown

Charles Japan APM Green Checked

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Charles Japan Green Checked

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Denny Navy Suede_IMG_5221_1

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Denny Suede Navy

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A/W/2014 The Lighthouse Collection

The Lighthouse collection takes it´s inspiration from the last outpost in the baltic sea. The lighthouse at Landsort. Here is a short clip from the photoshoot.

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