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Human Scales –
Our Story.

As the experienced fashion catchers we have come to be, it is satisfying to look back and see how the struggle began.

Where are we from?

Human Scales was co-founded in 2007 by Mikko Kärmäräinen and Peter Ferber. Our trademark and brand name are inspired by two elements dear to the hearts of our co-founders, angling and the coastal archipelago. The name itself implies that the clothes you wear are indeed a part of you, in essence ”a second skin” or ”human scales”.

Who are we?

Human Scales is a label that breathes masculinity.

This subsequently sets the standard for all communication and is evident in our advertising, at exhibition centres, in showrooms and in department stores.

The concept behind our line stems from our background as retailers. We have worked with many well-established name brands

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  • Head Office

    GSL AB
    Flöjelbergsgatan 17
    431 37 Mölndal
    +46 (0) 31-757 24 50

  • Showroom & Sales

    Bondegatan 46
    116 33 Stockholm
    +46 (0) 70-775 12 78


  • Distribution

    Bubba Oy (FINLAND)
    Hans Pedersen
    +35 840 59 64547

  • Distribution

    Egomark/London (Uk)
    54 Hoxton Square
    Pablo Holland

  • Ikonic Apparel AS (NORWAY)
    Øvre Slottsgate 9
    0157 OSLO
    Tom Haugvik
    +47 90671255

  • Sales Denmark GSL
    Frederikssundsvej 62.
    3 sal. Baggården
    2400 København NV
    Michael Nygreen Larsen +45 2328 1312

  • anotherproject GmbH · PRESS FACTORY GROUP
    Karl-Marx-Allee 81 ·
    10243 Berlin · Germany
    Niels Garbe +49 (0) 178 5983 400

Jeffrey Navy Melange

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Human Scales featured in Sleek Magazine

Fashion Editorial:Woolly Edges
Photography: Tobias Schneider
Styling: Tu Anh Ngo / Bigoudi
Hair & Make Up: Dennis Brandt / Bigoudi
Model: Thomas R. @ PMA

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Mikko AW15

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Mikko on AW15

“We strive for uncompromising quality throughout the range and we do this without robbing you blind.”

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Charles Navy Border


Charles Navy Border


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Russel wool navy

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Human Scales Goodyear Welted shoes.

We wanted to show you how a pair of goodyear welted Human Scales shoes are made. So we decided to film every step in the making for you to see. The welt is made 100% by hand as opposed to using the Goodyear stitching machine. The style of the shoe being made is called Wholecut Lt Brown. Have a look at our complete range in our store.

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