All our leathers are a bi-product from the meat industry. We take back all claims and re use the leathers for new products. We also offer 25% discount on your new jacket if you return your old jacket with us. Nothing goes to waste.

Endangered species

We do not sell skin, fur or any other materials from endangered species. All skins that visually resemble the skin of endangered species are embossed cowhide or sheep leather.


We know where our leather, skins, fur, hides, etc. come from and we know living conditions of the animals. Animal welfare and the living conditions of the animals play an important role in our choice of suppliers and partners. We have valid documents on all our animal materials and products, and we know that these come from companies that run their businesses in an ethically responsible manner.   


We sell products made from a high quality, which ensures that our products are highly durable. Our products and materials can be used for many years due to their wearing properties, which saves our natural resources.

Tanning and dyeing

We strive to ensure that the leather and hides, we purchase, are tanned as gently as possible. Thus a large proportion of our leather gets tanned with vegetable oils, as these are the most gentle to the environment. The wastewater from both the tanning of hides and from the dyeing of fabrics is treated in closed water systems, where the water gets purified thoroughly.

Working conditions

We prioritize fair wages, where no distinction is made between gender, ethnicity, religion or race. Good working conditions with flexible working hours help to ensure a good work-life balance and a high level of employee satisfaction.